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SpatialOS is a cloud development platform that provides networking, hosting, online services, and tools for developing and operating online multiplayer games, using any engine. It enables you to build and test early and efficiently, and transform gameplay at any stage, so that you can find your best game faster.

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A complete solution

SpatialOS improves every stage of game development. Watch to find out how we solve the most challenging problems in multiplayer gaming to make production and iteration faster, and give you the freedom to explore new gameplay possibilities.

Networking, hosting, online services & tools

Build fast & keep your options open

Flexible design

Flexible design

Experiment and change direction at any point in your game’s life cycle with our risk-reducing network stack.

Easier launch

Easier launch

Minimise pre-launch uncertainty by relying on our scalable worldwide hosting and online services.

Faster iteration

Faster iteration

Dramatically accelerate your create/test/learn iteration loop with our suite of test and debug tools and workflow optimisations.

Development kits

Use any game engine

We provide dedicated integrations for Unity and Unreal, and our language SDKs enable SpatialOS to be integrated with any game engine.

Scavengers by Midwinter Entertainment

Scavengers is a multiplayer co-opetition shooter with a mix of PvPvE and survival elements. With its out-of-the-box infrastructure for an easier launch, SpatialOS enables Josh Holmes’ Seattle team to achieve its ambitious vision without the overhead of building up major new engineering capacity.
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Any genre. Any size.

If your game involves playing in real time, you can use SpatialOS to build and operate it. Make small games with ten players or vast ones with tens of thousands. Whatever the genre, whether session-based, persistent or a unique hybrid, you can build it on SpatialOS.

Small studios can do stuff they couldn’t do before, and big ones can take risks they’d otherwise have to think twice about

Peter Burzynski, Midwinter Entertainment

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