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A better way to build

The complete multiplayer solution for any engine, genre or platform


Find your best game

SpatialOS is a complete multiplayer solution. It’s a suite of services that helps you focus resources, a toolset that helps accelerate production, and a cloud-based multiserver platform that opens up unique possibilities.

Build efficiently with SpatialOS

Build efficiently

We take care of the networking, hosting and online services. This means you can dedicate your budget, time and talent to gameplay and deliver low-latency action from hosting sites around the world.

Ship quickly with SpatialOS

Ship quickly

SpatialOS supercharges any engine. You’ll get to your first prototype sooner, start playtesting at scale immediately, and begin identifying bugs and bottlenecks easily as you iterate rapidly towards your ideal game.

Innovate easily with SpatialOS

Innovate easily

Grow your game as fast as you like and change direction at any time. Push genre boundaries, experiment with new content and persistence, and take your game cross-platform.


A complete solution

SpatialOS improves every stage of game development. Find out how we solve technical challenges, make production and iteration faster, and give you the freedom to explore amazing new gameplay possibilities.


Focus on design, not on tech

Network stack

Efficient networking with SpatialOS

SpatialOS offers efficient serialisation and secure transport, which means you can focus on design and gameplay, not netcode.

Global cloud hosting

Global cloud hosting with SpatialOS

With deployment locations around the world, you can host your game near players in every major gaming region.

Online services

Online services with SpatialOS

Our services include player identity and instance management tools. These are built API-first so you can always integrate your own.


Deploy, test, iterate, repeat

Playtest early with SpatialOS

Early playtesting

Deploy your game at scale early in your development cycle using our online services, globally available hosting and playtest distribution tools.

Prototype fast with SpatialOS

Accelerated prototyping

Our Starter Projects and Feature Modules for Unity and Unreal help you overcome common multiplayer problems across a variety of genres.

Debug easily with SpatialOS

Simplified debugging

Use our built-in logging, metrics and inspection tools to better understand your players, and quickly identify bugs and performance bottlenecks.

Test continually with SpatialOS

Continuous testing

Create pipelines to test your game continuously with our platform SDK and pair it with our simulated-player testing service to ensure fewer broken builds.

Platform benefits

Create worlds without end

When you break through single-server limits, creative compromises fall away and opportunities spring up in their place. Instead of being bound by decisions you made when you started, now you’re free to take your game anywhere, any time.
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Use cases

Develop any genre

If your game involves playing in real time, you can use SpatialOS to build and operate it. Whatever the genre, whether session based or persistent, you can build it on SpatialOS.

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Game Development Kits

Use any game engine

SpatialOS GDK for Unity

The GDK for Unity gives you a head start on common challenges. The FPS Starter Project, for example, has solutions to movement, shooting, transforms and health.

SpatialOS GDK for Unreal

The integration with Unreal has native-feeling workflows so you can use SpatialOS with all the Unreal Engine’s networking APIs.


Bring your own engine

We supply SDKs in various languages that help you integrate any engine, and have various support channels to help you along the way.


Get started with SpatialOS

Download and get prototyping today, for free.
Get started
Use cases

Use cases

Create anything from frenetic shooters to rich, complex RPGs and strategy games.

SpatialOS Runtime


Explore the heart of SpatialOS, including engine load balancer and distributed multiplayer architecture.