Build multiplayer games fast

SpatialOS for Unity is a full-stack multiplayer solution that provides networking, hosting and multiplayer features to help you quickly create your Unity online multiplayer game.

Full-stack solution

Unlock online realtime multiplayer

Using SpatialOS and Unity brings hosted real-time multiplayer games within everyone’s reach.


Game foundation

Our Unity Game Development Kit supplies multiplayer networking as well as tools and multiplayer features (like Character Controllers) to get you started quickly and iterate fast.


Deploy and manage

We host your game and manage your servers. Once you've deployed your game, you can use our web-based tools to inspect, debug and maintain your game worlds.


Scale up

Our runtime stitches together multiple game engines and servers. This enables you to scale the complexity and player count of your game as far as you need to, without compromising design.

New gameplay

Stand out

Use the power of SpatialOS to build new kinds of gameplay.

Seed - Klang Games

Massive, seamless, persistent simulation MMO

Living world

The world continues when players are not watching - leave your civilisation for a week and come back and see how it’s changed.

Deep simulation

Every NPC in Seed has their own unique goals and desires which control their actions causing a constantly evolving, surprising world.

Social scale

Thousands of players allow for social gameplay, including lawmaking and ruler election, that would otherwise be impossible.

Everything's included

Kickstart your project

Building multiplayer games is very tricky. We provide you with a set of production-ready solutions to common problems, so you can quickly build your game without needing multiplayer specialists.


Feature modules

These are our solutions to the hardest multiplayer problems, already tested at scale, so you can focus on finding the fun in your game. We share the source and build these in the open with our community, so you can modify them for your own game.


Starter project

Deploy the First Person Shooter Starter Project to the SpatialOS cloud platform and invite your friends, or up to 200 simulated clients. Use the project (or some of its feature modules) as a base for your development and scale testing.

Faster development

Get it into players' hands fast

Getting your game out as quickly as possible is really important. We believe that developing quickly and with players makes the best games. We give you tools and workflows to do just that.


Iterate quickly

No more constant builds. Run the client and server in one Editor without needing to rebuild binaries.


Test early

Easily deploy globally and then share your game with your players by sending a SpatialOS launcher link.


Shared source and community driven

Every part of the SpatialOS GDK for Unity is available as source. Modify it, extend it and use it in your games. We are building in the open - take a look at our progress on Github or come and chat with us on Discord or our Forums.