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SpatialOS: The Platform For Next‑Gen Gameplay

Every “next-gen” GPU and game console ushers in a new world of mind-blowing graphics, yet gameplay often remains unchanged. That’s because even the latest PCs and consoles have significant compute and connection limitations.

SpatialOS circumvents those limitations and unlocks three core pillars that you can mix to your heart’s content to create the truly next-gen gameplay we’ve all been craving for generations.

Massive Scale

Enables seamless cross-server worlds and huge player populations.

Meaningful Persistence

Enables player actions with lasting impact, real change & consequence, and worlds with living histories and battle-scars.

Rich Simulation

Enables MMO-scale physics & destruction, smarter AI, and dynamic world systems.

Supercharge Your Workflows

SpatialOS allows you to realise your most ambitious online game designs

SpatialOS is a new type of development platform that transcends the limitations of the old client/server model. It connects servers in the cloud so that your online game sees them as one massively powerful server, providing access to nearly unlimited player connections and compute.

And tapping into that power is simple.

SpatialOS works with the game engines and tools you already use. This enables you to build and operate online games with previously impossible features, all within your existing workflows.

What Is SpatialOS?

A new breed of development platform for a new generation of games

SpatialOS is the first and only Platform as a Service that enables you to develop, run, and manage online games with truly next-gen gameplay.

Here’s how it works:

You write games for SpatialOS by downloading our SDK and building locally with our APIs on PC or Mac, using your preferred game engines and tools.

When you’re ready, upload, deploy and run your game on our unique SpatialOS distributed cloud platform, where your players connect just like they would to any other online game.

It’s that simple.


  • PC
  • Console
  • VR/AR


  • Unreal
  • Unity


  • C++
  • C#
  • Java

Technical Breakdown

In-Development Partner Games

The Three Pillars of next-gen gameplay in action

Here’s how some of our game partners are leveraging The Three Pillars to create truly next-gen gameplay experiences for their players.

Worlds Adrift

by Bossa Studios

Blends unique elements of Massive Scale, Meaningful Persistence, and Rich Simulation to create a Survival MMO with thousands of players building, flying, and fighting personalised airships made up of discrete, physically modelled materials, in a world that persists even after you’ve logged out.

Vanishing Stars


Blending unique elements of Massive Scale and Meaningful Persistence, Vanishing Stars is the world’s first massively multiplayer tower-defence game. Thousands of players spread throughout the galaxy, each building and defending their own planets, while helping other players attack and defend bases across a persistently shifting galaxy.


by Klang Games

Fueled by Massive Scale, Meaningful Persistence, and Rich Simulation, SEED is able to combine elements of RTS, 4X, simulation, and survival game to create on online experience unlike any other, with players collaborating to rebuild civilization on a planetary scale.


by Spilt Milk Studios

Blending unique elements of Massive Scale, Meaningful Persistence, and Rich Simulation, Lazarus is a sci-fi twist on Groundhog Day where thousands of players and AI-driven alien factions battle in a huge, persistent world. Dogfights, tech research and fighter upgrades combine into an incredibly unique ‘MMO Roguelike’ that rewinds time each week!

What will you build now that your design dreams are finally achievable?

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