Meet our Leadership

Herman Narula


Herman is the co-founder and CEO of Improbable. This London-based technology startup is creating SpatialOS, a computation platform that enables developers to build large-scale, complex simulations running across thousands of machines in the cloud.

Herman met CTO Rob Whitehead at a dissertation review at the Cambridge University Computer Lab. Their discovery of a mutual interest in multiplayer games and virtual worlds started them on the path to creating SpatialOS.

Herman holds a computer science degree from Cambridge. He’s interested in the unprecedented impact that powerful, virtual worlds will have on how we think, play and make decisions – and particularly, in how they can improve lifestyles and welfare worldwide, from cures to pandemics and the impact of the upcoming AI revolution, to global food security and more.


Peter Lipka


Peter Lipka is one of the co-founders of Improbable, and the Chief Operational Officer at Improbable. As an early founder he played a key role in designing and architecting the core principles of the technology behind SpatialOS, and filling key roles as Improbable grew from 4 to 100 people – including the Head of the Fabric Team, Head of Engineering, Head of Commercial Team before taking on the COO role.

Prior to Improbable, Peter worked at Goldman Sachs as an Analyst Developer in the Proprietary Accounting and Risk Analysis division, helping design and build their big data technology solutions.

Peter graduated with a MEng (with honours) in Computing from Imperial College.


Rob Whitehead


Rob co-founded Improbable after graduating from Cambridge University studying Computer Science in 2012. As CTO, Rob has worked for a number of years on creating the core technology underpinning SpatialOS. More recently, he has been diving deeper into the challenges of shaping it into a great product for the games industry and beyond.

Simulations and Virtual Worlds have fascinated Rob since he was a teenager – from coding N-body physics models to building and selling gadgets within Second Life. At Improbable, Rob continues this journey, exploring the new simulation possibilities available through ubiquitous cloud computation.


Michael Bannon


Michael is Improbable’s Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the company’s financial strategy. He manages the Finance team, who handle budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and analysis, giving the business the information it needs to make smart financial decisions.

Michael joined Improbable from TPG Capital, a global private investment firm with over $70 billion of assets under management, where he most recently served as Principal and Head of Consumer. Prior to his 12 years at TPG, Michael began his career in the M&A group at Morgan Stanley. He holds an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a BS from Duke University.

Michael is also a board member at Meals on Wheels in San Francisco.


Jason Jhonson


Jason is Improbable’s Chief Marketing Officer. In this role he is responsible for driving the adoption of our SpatialOS platform with effective go-to-market strategies and building the company’s brand as the leading distributed-computing startup in the world.

Previously Jason was the Senior Director of Global Product Marketing at Yahoo, before joining PayPal as Head of Global Product Marketing in 2014. More recently, Jason worked as Senior Director of Developer and Product Marketing for GitHub where he was responsible for brand, product and developer marketing for a community of 22 million software developers.


Bill Roper


Bill Roper is Improbable’s Chief Creative Officer, responsible for connecting the SpatialOS platform’s technological capabilities to the creative vision of Improbable and its partners. He works with Improbable’s own developers and studios interested in SpatialOS, to help them to leverage the SpatialOS elements of Massive Scale, Meaningful Persistence and Rich Simulation to create previously impossible games.

As part of the executive team at Blizzard Entertainment, Bill launched and drove the success of the landmark game series WarCraftStarCraft and Diablo. Bill later co-founded Flagship Studios in North America before joining Cryptic studios as Director of Design for the massively multiplayer games Champions Online and Star Trek Online.

Prior to his role as CCO at Improbable, Bill held various positions at The Walt Disney Company including as Vice President of their core games business (Disney Infinity, Fantasia: Music Evolved), and at the company’s Innovation Labs, finding innovative ways to tell stories with new technologies.


Aaryn Flynn

General Manager, North America

Aaryn Flynn is a games industry veteran and Improbable’s General Manager for North America. Flynn is based in the downtown district of Edmonton, Alberta, where he’s building a new Improbable office.

Flynn has been associated with many of the most successful games and franchises produced by BioWare, which he joined after leaving university and where he worked for 17 years. Initially working on games such as Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, Flynn became Director of Programming on Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins and took on the role of General Manager of BioWare during the production of games including Mass Effect 3Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition.