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Improbable studios

New experiences, today and tomorrow.

Improbable’s aim is to enable virtual worlds that are as enriching, meaningful and accessible as the physical one, whether we develop games in-house or with partners.

At Improbable, you’re not just building revolutionary games, you're changing the way that multiplayer games will be developed in the future.

All-in on game development

Ready up

Multiple games

Multiple games at Improbable

Build groundbreaking games in-house or use your expertise to help Improbable partners around the world build theirs.

Unique talent

Unique talent at Improbable

Work with the brightest and most creative minds in the industry, either with independent partners or as part of Improbable's game development studios.

Modern approach

Modern approach at Improbable

We believe iteration leads to innovation. With the power of SpatialOS, games can be built faster, further and better than ever before.

A new way of creating games

SpatialOS and live development

At Improbable, you’ll be at the cutting edge of game development, creating new gameplay opportunities in-house and working with our partners around the world to make a whole new generation of games.

Build today

We've spent years building our platform. The time has come to use it to build incredible games within our studios and with global partners. We encourage our teams to think big and iterate fast.


We’ve got big plans and the resources to see them through, so we encourage exploration, autonomy and a good work-life balance for all our employees.

Experiment often

We experiment across a spectrum of game mechanics, both big and small. We're learning new skills within a massively networked environment that is the future of gaming. More prototyping, more live testing, less waste.

Modder mindset

We approach game development with the spirit of a modder. Our studios believe in collaboration and discovery through creativity, testing and iteration. Tinker, test and find the truth as you find the fun.

Hiring exceptional people

Featured opportunities

Games Engineer

Gaming and Production

Your Mission With the successful launch of SpatialOS to the gaming world, the popularity of our platform is growing. Our goal is to showcase the potential of the platform, by producing a variety of pl... Read More


Games Solutions Architect

Gaming and Production

Your Mission is to be an expert with the core concepts of SpatialOS and someone who helps the partner studios to build their game. A GSA is a domain expert in the technical constraints and development... Read More

Benefits of working @ Improbable


Our benefits have flexibility and wellbeing in mind and include unlimited vacation, parenting support and medical / dental care.

Opportunities at Improbable


Want to be part of our journey? Discover more about what a career at Improbable could look like for you.