Senior Gameplay Programmer

Cambridge, UK
Gaming and Production

Your Mission

You will be a foundational hire in our newly formed UK Games Studio, helping us build the next generation of Games on our SpatialOS platform.

As part of the Improbable Game Studio, you will have an opportunity to define the next generation of deeply interactive online experiences.  Help us create games that allow for new depths of simulation, destruction, and physical interaction at an unprecedented scale. Our technology allows us to experiment with genuinely new mechanics, both big and small. We're learning new skills within a massively networked environment that we believe is the future of gaming.

Areas of Impact

  • You will have the opportunity to contribute in the prototyping, iteration and design of this project from its earliest point, leveraging Unreal Engine 4 and empowered by Improbable’s own SpatialOS Unreal GDK. 
  • You will be working as part of a small but growing team of veteran developers in a team that is being formed, being a key part of establishing work methodologies, gameplay, and code structure.
  • We are building an environment where generalists flourish and collaboration is key. You can work in a close-knit, talented technical and creative team to produce inspiring results with rapid development cycles.

We’d like to hear if you if you identify with the following:

  • Mastery of UE4 or C++ and a track record of working on video games with a multiplayer/online focus
  • A desire to define the culture of rapid iteration and release cycles as we lay the foundations of our 1st Party Studio with the backing of some of the most influential investors and partners in the world.  
  • Experience guiding a games team through pivots and changes as we solidify core game loops and dynamics and embark on scaling the Studio to deliver successful live games.

Nb: While we think the above experience could be important, we can’t predict the future and so we’re keen to hear from applicants that believe they have valuable experience. If you identify with the team & mission, but not all of the suggestions, then please still apply!!