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Life at Improbable

Make new realities possible.

Meaningful Work. Exceptional People.

Improbable is making new realities possible. These realities will enrich the human experience, underpin superior decisions, provide the foundation for new businesses and create insights into how the universe works. Take a look at some of the technical challenges we’ve worked on together.

Improbable is a place for those who want to achieve extraordinary things and have a meaningful impact on the world. We hire exceptional people and foster a problem-solving culture that focuses on results. Our people are the driving force behind a long term, iterative innovation process, which we believe will shape the next decade in areas as diverse as entertainment, security and physical infrastructure.

We’re an internationally diverse team who care about building transformational technology for the future. We’re growing fast, and are always looking for the best people. Meet some of our people.


Our company values

Aim for the impossible

We must aim for the impossible in order to find out what is possible. We do what others are scared to do and never ask if we can do it, but how we will do it. We are driven to achieve extraordinary things and expect to get there.

Improvement over comfort

We are never satisfied with ourselves. We solicit feedback, are curious and constantly seek to learn and understand perspectives. We strive to be amazing at what we do.

Relentless Humility

We become irreplaceable by replacing ourselves. We are prepared to give up our role for someone we believe is better than us - our grand vision means there are no lack of opportunities. We always do what is most important for the business.


Our London home is situated at the heart of the city, and the heart of the company. We’re very proud to be a British start-up, and our roots in this cosmopolitan city run deep.
San Francisco
Our brand new Bay Area HQ is our first home across the pond! We’re blazing new trails and falling in love with creative, vibrant Silicon Valley.
Washington D.C.
We’re expanding our team based in the US capital. We’re committed to working with Enterprise customers in the DC area to help them tackle some of the hardest and most important global challenges.

What do Improbable People love most?

Caryn, Software Engineer - Games

“Seeing people explore the worlds my team creates.”

Apurva, Software Engineer - Infra

“The ability to build world changing tech.”

Mailys, Technical Delivery Manager

“The fast pace and the feeling that I'm sitting on a rocket.”

Different people
different insights

The best ideas are often the least expected and require new ways of thinking; that’s why our teams at Improbable are made up of an incredible range of talented people. We always look for diverse backgrounds and different perspectives in our teammates, and we’re proud to boast over twenty five different nationalities. Creating progressive technology requires radical individuals; we are committed not only to celebrating diversity of thought and identity, but growing it from the ground up.

Well-being, as it should be.

We focus on tangible benefits that make life at Improbable smooth and enjoyable, so our employees can concentrate on what’s important both personally and professionally. World class people deserve the best we can provide, as well as the freedom to make choices tailored to themselves and their loved ones.


Unlimited Vacation

Only you know how much time you need to rejuvenate. We trust you to make the call.

Breakfast & Lunch

We provide fresh breakfast and hot lunch every day. Fruit, snacks and refreshments are standard.

Monthly Socials

Each month, we bring everyone together offsite to enjoy some down time.

Life Concierge

We relocate families, organise parties, order pizza, service bikes and negotiate with suppliers. You name it, we can help.

Maternity and Paternity

We pride ourselves on our market leading Maternity and Paternity policies. We want to make sure you put your family first and take the time you need. Both primary and secondary care givers receive generous time off allowances.

Gym Incentive

Your health and fitness is important to us. We’ve organised great rates with local gyms and will even pay a yearly membership upfront as an advance to give you the cheapest possible rate.

Work/Life Blend

We’re flexible, you’re flexible. We try to support you whenever we can, including working from home.

Town Hall

Fridays are about finishing early and getting together as a company. We share updates, successes and stories over a cold drink and some good food at our regular Town Hall meetings.

Pension/Life Cover

We operate a tax efficient group pension scheme, where we pass our tax savings back to you. With your pension we also provide life cover. If the worst should happen, your family will receive a 2x equivalent of your salary as a lump sum.


We take training very seriously at Improbable and believe your development is vital for our success. As well as company wide training, every team has their own training budget to make sure everyone is learning and growing in the directions they care about.

Heroes Program

Employees who go above and beyond are rewarded with the opportunity to join our Heroes Program. Improbable Heroes are given unique ability to influence company decisions, work with our senior team and help mold the next level of Improbable leaders.


Want to pick up a hobby or follow a passion? We’ve got clubs for badminton, baking, bargain-hunting, and just about anything else you can think of! Whether you’re looking for fellow sports enthusiasts, casual game makers, or just plain old drinking buddies, you’ll never play alone.

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