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SpatialOS for Unreal

The power of SpatialOS within the workflows of Unreal Engine

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Faster iteration

Faster iteration

Improve your workflows by dramatically reducing your iteration times. Spend more time focusing on gameplay and less time dealing with bugs introduced by aggregating the latest changes into your build. Any team member can create a cloud instance of your game in just a few minutes and easily distribute it to your studio or players to test. Validate every change you make, immediately, and in the exact same environment your game will run when live.

Faster iteration

Flexible design

Flexible design

Stretch the design and limits of your game without worrying about the backend. Flex your game design at any point in the development cycle without the need to revisit your game's foundations. Try adding more players, more complex AI, more advanced metagame features. With SpatialOS, you create the game you want without the constraints of traditional server-side limits.

Flexible design

Easier launch

Easier launch

Launch your game with confidence, then adapt and expand it with your players. Easily create instances all over the globe, and scale your infrastructure as quickly as your player numbers grow. With SpatialOS, you will have confidence in your game’s ability to run smoothly at scale and prebuilt tools to monitor it when live. You’ll need fewer developers to manage your infrastructure, leaving more resources to focus on gameplay.

Easier launch


Take familiar workflows further

Managed hosting

SpatialOS provides and manages scalable dedicated hosting for your game in every major gaming region, giving you time to focus on your design.



Offload groups of Actors, such as NPCs, to a separate Unreal server-worker, enabling you to increase the scale and complexity of the world beyond what a single dedicated Unreal server can achieve.

Playtesting tools

Deploy and playtest your game after every update. Easily create instances of your game and distribute it to your studio and players with a simple link.


Simulated players

Scale-test your build throughout development by connecting in Simulated Players. These are fully customisable and exert a similar load on your game instance as real players.


Production tools

SpatialOS provides production-ready log, metrics and inspection tools, to help you quickly spot and understand any performance bottlenecks or gameplay bugs.


Online services

With SpatialOS, you have access to prebuilt online services, including authentication, matchmaking and the ability to sync player data, such as inventories, across sessions.

Partner game

Scavengers by Midwinter Entertainment

Download the case study
Faster iteration

Playtest immediately

Invite studio members or players to join a playtest without the need to set up authentication providers, client distribution or IP addresses. The playtest distribution tools enable you to test the latest version of your game immediately in a live environment.

playtest immediately
Flexible design

Go beyond a single server

Create richer experiences for your players by using Offloading to increase the number of NPCs in your game, without having to trade off another aspect of your gameplay. This video shows the Offloading Gym, included in the SpatialOS for Unreal Example Project, with turret NPCs offloaded to one server, humanoid NPC offloaded to another, and a main Unreal gameplay server.

Easier launch

Scale-test early and often

Avoid surprises when you come to run your game at scale, by introducing SpatialOS Simulated Players into your development cycle. Use AI to create a representative load on your game instance similar to that of real players. Stress-test your entire backend to find scale issues the day you introduce them, not later.

Getting started

Example projects

example project

The Example Project is a session-based first-person shooter. It’s a great starting point to try out SpatialOS for Unreal and see what it provides. Alongside this, the Starter Template gives you a blank slate once you are ready to dive into your own project.

Port an existing project

Porting can be done in just a few days. You can easily switch between SpatialOS and native Unreal networking, and so enjoy a low-risk way to experiment. Use our Shooter Game example as a guide to port your own Unreal project.

Documentation & support

The SpatialOS documentation contains all the information you need to get started, including tutorials and guides to help you get set up quickly. Plus, if you have questions or need support the SpatialOS community are here to help.

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You can download the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal and begin prototyping today, for free.
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Use cases

Use cases

Create anything from frenetic shooters to rich, complex RPGs and strategy games.



Build any game, with any engine on any platform. Ship it faster and innovate more easily.