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Free tier

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Our comprehensive Free Tier is ideal for starting development, prototyping a game, conducting technical evaluation, or just learning how to use SpatialOS.

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One cloud instance

One game instance

Get testing your game early. You can run one cloud game instance at any time, hosted in the EU or US, for free.

Local development

Local development

Enjoy unlimited use of SpatialOS on your local machine. Iterate as much as you want locally, then deploy to your free cloud instance when ready.

Free support

Free support

Get technical help from our engineers and community via our Forums and Discord.

Paid tier

What do you pay for?

1. Worker Containers

You pay per managed worker container per hour.
Managed server workers (deployed in containers) are SpatialOS “microservices” that run your server-side gameplay logic. Pricing is based on the number and size of these containers in your deployment each hour.

2. Persistent Entity Data

You pay per GB* per hour.
SpatialOS stores the state of all entities in your game world in an in-memory scalable cloud database. Pricing is based on the total size of all the entities in your world.

3. Operations

You pay per hour, based on how many operations are sent per second.
SpatialOS synchronises a lot of information. Messages, called operations, inform players and managed workers of changes to the game world, and are used to request changes too. Pricing is based on the number of operations sent per second.

4. Bandwidth to Players

You pay per GB* of game data sent from deployments.
SpatialOS sends bandwidth-optimised data to your players. Pricing is based on the amount of data sent.

*1GB = 230 bytes
Pricing tailored to you
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Pricing tailored to you

To give you a pricing estimate we need to know some info about your game. Leave your details below and one of our team will get back to you to set up a call.

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