Go beyond a single server

Unreal Engine for SpatialOS allows you to host your game and combine multiple dedicated server instances across one seamless game world whilst using the Unreal Engine networking API.

SpatialOS GDK for Unreal

Multiple servers working together

The SpatialOS Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unreal allows you to go beyond the traditional limits of the client-server model.


The current approach

Instances of online games are often constrained by the single Unreal server running them. This limits you in terms of actor count, complexity of gameplay systems and player connections.


How SpatialOS is different

SpatialOS is a cloud-based platform that combines many servers and Unreal instances to power a single world. This allows you to have a greater number of actors, gameplay systems and players in a single seamless world.


Works just like Unreal Engine

We love how Unreal makes multiplayer easy for developers and wanted to ensure we didn't change that way of working.

Unreal Engine networking

Unreal Engine networking

Works with the Unreal Engine’s networking API with UProperties and UFunctions. The gif here shows the Unreal character controller working with SpatialOS in server-authoritative mode, enabling running and shooting across server boundaries.

Unreal Engine blueprints

Unreal Engine blueprints

You make Blueprints in the same way as you would in Unreal Engine. Behind the scenes, the GDK converts Blueprints into SpatialOS-understandable updates. SpatialOS then send the data to the relevant client and/or server.

Easy to port

Bring your existing Unreal game

With the Unreal GDK you can easily take your current dedicated-server Unreal game and get it working with SpatialOS. Just setup our GDK and follow a few simple steps.

porting your existing Unreal game

Iterate with players

Grow your game

With our Unreal GDK, you can start small and grow your game with your players. Don’t worry about the technical limits, we will scale with your game.

Growing your game on SpatialOS
  1. Start Small

    Port or create a traditional dedicated server game on SpatialOS

  2. Expand Gameplay

    Grow it to a larger map with deeper gameplay or a dynamic metagame

  3. Grow To An MMO

    And over time add more elements and create a large world persistent MMO

Global hosting

Deploy your game globally in seconds

SpatialOS has a managed global infrastructure which means you don't have to worry about servers; from day one, you deploy your game on a global scale, on servers close to your players. Using SpatialOS tooling, you can deploy your game with only a few CLI commands.

easily deploy using SpatialOS tooling


Shared source and community driven

Every part of the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal is available as source. Modify it, extend it and use it in your games. We are building in the open - take a look at our progress on GitHub or come and chat with us on Discord, or our Forums.