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Community Contest: The Sunday Morning Essay

Today we’re introducing the Sunday Morning Essay – a new SpatialOS community challenge on the official forums. It’s an open essay competition about the future of games and simulations.

The idea is simple: every now and then we will pose a question or topic on the community forums relating to the video-gaming frontiers that are being explored by the SpatialOS developer community. You will have a few days to answer it in an essay of 500 words minimum.

The winning essay will be picked by our community team and the author will be rewarded with SpatialOS goodies. Winning entries may also be used in future SpatialOS blog posts, with your permission – we will be in touch if that’s the case. There will be a new topic regularly, so keep an eye on the news feed, or our Twitter and Facebook for more information.

First Topic

Without further ado, here is your first topic:

The story of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Ernest Hemingway is centered around the blowing up of a bridge.  In a persistent MMO, how would we tell that story successfully for every user over the lifetime of the game?

Answers in this forum thread by Midnight GMT, Sunday 12th February. Not a forum member? Sign up for free and join the discussion.

Good luck!


Q: how do you submit (e.g. only forum thread replies?)
A: Just reply to the thread!

Q: how long is an “essay” is e.g. 500 words minimum or maximum?
A: As long as you think is required. We’re happy to read anything up to 2000 words if the quality is high!

Q: do we have the right to develop particularly interesting responses into content we can share as Improbable/SpatialOS on our social media?
A: That’s 100% allowed and encouraged. Share away!

Q: When is judging done? by whom?
A: By our SpatialOS community team (and maybe, occasionally, a special guest or two)

Special Thanks

A special thanks to forum users SionoiS and bonkahe and everyone who responded to the original forum thread that inspired this contest.

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