Dreamers wanted

Improbable is building the next generation of games in partnership with the world’s most respected studios. Our relationships with these teams begin with an exploration of gaming experiences that, previously, developers could only dream of. That’s where you come in.

Improbable. Creates. Games.

We’re made up of extraordinary people from top studios such as Blizzard, BioWare, Ubisoft, Rare, Take-Two, Paradox Interactive, Rocksteady and many others. With our partners, we co-develop games and iterate on our product to best realise our vision, opening up vast opportunities for people across the industry.

At Improbable, you will define and build the future of games. A future where virtual worlds are more enriching, meaningful and accessible. Our technology, SpatialOS,  is intended to both make multiplayer games easier to create today and to unlock their potential tomorrow. That’s why it’s free for everybody to use.

As part of our team, you will...

Ship multiple games across multiple genres

Our teams work with a variety of incredible studios (ranging from the largest to the smallest) in order to discover, design and build groundbreaking games today and in the future. This presents countless possibilities to be named in the credits of the games that will define the industry for years to come.

Work with the best industry talent

Our teams work with the brightest and most creative minds across the industry, both internally and externally, who are at the forefront of games production. These people tend to be big dreamers with bold ideas, but have had to dampen their creativity due to technology restrictions. We seek to enable them.

Modernise the development of online games

Improbable champions the modern approach of ‘live’ game development, which we augment with advanced methodologies from the technology industry. This approach, in combination with the power of SpatialOS, means that studios of all sizes and experience levels will be able to build, deploy and iterate on their multiplayer games faster and more effectively than ever before.

Next-generation games

For those who have already shipped titles, forging the future of games is a meaningful journey. Whilst working on breakthrough games with our partners today, you will be driving the iteration of our product to make our technology accessible to everybody, not just studios with big budgets. Our goal is to drive adoption and work with partners to produce a series of hit games that could not have been achieved without SpatialOS and our teams.


What opportunities are there for me at Improbable?

We’re hiring across the full spectrum of games production and development roles. We’re particularly interested in hearing from Engineers with a games background (or passion!), experienced Producers, and Testers and Creatives generally.

Who are your customers?

Our customers include an array of AA, AAA and Indie studios - but many of our partnerships and customers are yet to be announced.. We’re often engaged with amazing ‘breakout teams’ with ambitious ideas (such as Midwinter and Automaton) as well as multi-studio giants (such as Netease) who value experimentation and innovation.

What do you mean by next-generation games?

We mean games that are deeply meaningful, fun and enriching. This could include experiences where your actions have lasting consequences. Thousands or millions of people in the same living, persistent worlds will open opportunities for new economies, vocations and societies that we more commonly associate with the physical world. We still have much to discover!

Our team

If you’d like to discover more about the opportunities that exist at Improbable, get in touch today!