Engineering at Improbable

At Improbable Engineering, we’re solving hard technical challenges to fulfil our company’s vision of virtual worlds that are as meaningful, lasting and rich as the physical world. We believe our platform, SpatialOS, is going to revolutionise the gaming space and bring about a seismic change in how humans interact with one another.

What SpatialOS Does...

Our platform supercharges existing game technology (like game engines) by providing a cloud environment that is powered by our proprietary, distributed SpatialOS Runtime.


Engineering Problems

Our product is inherently technical; whilst creating it, we’ve faced numerous gnarly engineering and research problems. In this section, we’ll tell you about some of the problems we could use your help tackling.


Real-Time Streaming Database

To run virtual worlds on SpatialOS, we have a distributed Runtime which orchestrates hundreds of stateful servers, tiling them together to form a single real-time simulation of a virtual world.

> Learn more about our real-time streaming database


Generic, Highly Portable Networking Protocol

In classical game networking designs (whether client-server, peer-to-peer or MMO clustering), there’s always a piece of custom netcode that manages what state of the world needs to be synchronized to clients, down to packet-level.

> Learn more about our generic, highly portable networking protocol


Machine and Game Engine Scheduling

SpatialOS orchestrates and coordinates hundreds of stateful game servers that make up a single game world. This brings challenges around scheduling the code that users write for game servers.

> Learn more about our machine and game engine scheduling


Game Observability

Whether you’re interested in building highly scalable data backends, efficient APIs or complex visualisation tools, SpatialOS Core Platform has all these challenges and much much more.

> Learn more about game observability

Technical Blogs

If you would like to learn more about the interesting things we are working on, check out our technical blog.

Roles at Improbable

If you’d like to help us solve these difficult problems, you can discover more about opportunities available within Improbable engineering by hitting the button below.