Advanced multi-domain synthetic environments

Enhancing defence & national security

Improbable’s Defence business enables transformative synthetic environments, bringing multi-domain mission planning and collective training together across the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Our mission is to enable the most realistic and sophisticated military simulations ever experienced, decreasing the cost of preparedness and improving effectiveness on operations.

Building on the foundations of SpatialOS, we combine scientific modelling, advanced AI and data analytics with a flexible and secure deployment model, creating a powerful simulation platform tailored to the needs of the defence community.

We work across NATO and with a wide range of industry partners to develop synthetic environments that will transform military training, planning and decision support.

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Integrated training, planning & decision support

The synthetic environments developed by Improbable uniquely enable the seamless integration of multi-domain training, planning and decision support across tactical, operational and strategic levels.

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Unlock realism & de-risk development

Icon representing scale and complexity.

Scale & complexity

SpatialOS can run whole ecosystems of sociopolitical and technical models, enabling highly realistic environments that encourage users to experiment, sharpen their intuitions and thrive in chaotic, ambiguous scenarios.

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Multi-domain representation

Synthetic environments powered by SpatialOS can be sufficiently complex to enable users to explore non-intuitive options and analyse emergent behaviours.

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Continuous integration

Improbable’s DevOps approach enables continuous development, integration and deployment. Environments can be updated swiftly and regularly, reducing sustainment costs.

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Increased user count

SpatialOS can support thousands of concurrent users. It’s as useful for training the crew of a single vehicle as it is for enabling joint-forces mission rehearsal.

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SpatialOS fosters an open, dynamic supply chain by allowing for interoperability between GOTS and COTS, and between legacy systems and new ones.

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Easy access

Because our synthetic environments can be securely deployed to the cloud or to on-premises hardware, they’re accessible whenever they’re needed, so users can train collectively and frequently.

All-domain planning & decision support

Co-operation & interoperation

SpatialOS can accommodate larger numbers of users, so different forces and departments can train together in a seamless, integrated and rapid way.

Top-to-bottom multi-domain planning

Multi-domain environments bring all three levels of war together and integrate political, military, economic, social, information and infrastructure spheres.

Data exploitation & decision support

SpatialOS presents decision makers with data-rich visualisations of the operating environment, so they can agree on their assumptions and fully explore their options.

Supporting security & co-operation

Improbable is dedicated to supporting defence & national security organisations and commercial developers in the delivery of transformative synthetic environments. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.
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