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Product Management

How do you program tools for developers to craft new universes? How do you make APIs that make it easy to create distributed compute applications? How do you manage products that enable people to generate one-to-one simulations of the real world, or to craft game worlds that you never would have imagined possible?

These are the things we think about in the Product team every day. We work across the business to help understand our customers needs; from MMO developers to government organisations, we ensure that the technology of Improbable delivers on its promises.

Our target is a product that’s fit for the customers and is endlessly improving. Our Product Managers tie together all the parts of the organisation, internalise our customers’ plans, and understand everyone’s needs, aims and capabilities. More than that, we also have to analyse the data we’ve gathered and research the market we’re in, to understand how the product needs to adapt. Finally, we make sure that those changes are implemented, and that sales and support understand the technology thoroughly.

From the initial problem discovery phase, through data-gathering, analysis, product ideation and eventually implementation and sales, it’s Product Management which ensures that our customers want to use SpatialOS. Our reward is seeing our brilliant and inventive customers using our product, and enjoying it.

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