Improbable has compelling stories to tell – about huge virtual universes, about new kinds of technology and innovative applications for it, about changing the world through understanding it better – and about the unique people Improbable brings together to make it possible. Telling these stories is the role of the Marketing team.

Our remit is wide – product marketing, demand generation, blogging, ghostwriting, developer marketing, social media management, public relations, video editing, advertising and event management. We tell our stories through materials, videos, websites, books, speeches, and more, and help journalists, YouTubers and the public tell theirs.

With this exciting subject, our team has broad skillsets, good contacts and a willingness to learn. There’s no way of knowing where these stories are going to go, or what worlds our developers are going to create, or how far into science-fiction our company will go. It’s our luck to be able to tell the world all about it.

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