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We’re solving hard technical challenges to enable virtual worlds that are as meaningful, lasting and rich as the physical world. We believe our platform will revolutionise the gaming industry and bring about an important change in human interaction.

We're humbled by our unique engineering culture - read on for an insight into being an Engineer at Improbable.

The way we work


We believe engineers flourish with Autonomy over tasks, Mastery to develop their deep skills, and Purpose to ensure their work is meaningful.


We are proud of what we build and how we build it. We are constantly evaluating the technology and processes we use to build our systems.


Our earliest systems applied state-of-the-art distributed persistence into simulation backends, and we continue to pioneer this field.

Technical challenges

Developing SpatialOS involves inherently-complicated technical engineering and research challenges. Here’s what we’re working on now.

Real-time streaming database

To run virtual worlds on SpatialOS, we have a distributed Runtime which orchestrates hundreds of stateful servers, tiling them together to form a single real-time simulation of a virtual world.

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Generic, portable networking protocol

In any game networking design, there’s a piece of custom netcode that manages what state of the world needs to be synchronised to clients, down to the packet level.

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Machine and game engine scheduling

SpatialOS orchestrates hundreds of stateful game servers that make up a single game world. This brings challenges around scheduling the code that users write for game servers.

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Game observability

Whether you’re interested in building highly scalable data backends, efficient APIs or complex visualisation tools, SpatialOS Core Platform has all these challenges and much, much more.

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Work at Improbable


Want to be part of our journey? Discover more about what a career at Improbable could look like for you.

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Life at Improbable

Our benefits have flexibility and wellbeing in mind and include unlimited vacation, parenting support and medical / dental care.

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Improbable’s aim is to enable virtual worlds that are as enriching, meaningful and accessible as the physical one, whether we develop games in-house or with partners.

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