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Massive simulations generate massive data – and that’s where the analytics platform comes in.

Analytics let us understand how real and virtual worlds operate. The ability to augment simulations with real-time data inputs facilitates the creation of high-fidelity models which allow for better comprehension of both real and virtual worlds. When augmented with real-time data extraction, this creates a closed loop that allows for low-latency decision-making at an unprecedented scale.

Our analytics team will create and integrate a distributed analytics platform to investigate the world’s most challenging problems. From our roots in gaming, to the prevention of global pandemics, and to the impact of autonomous traffic on future transportation networks, SpatialOS helps us simulate current and future worlds. Your role will be to help people understand the results of those simulations.

We’re one of the newest and fastest-growing teams at Improbable. If you’re excited about understanding distributed systems, streaming data processing and big data analytics, and want to work with uniquely-complex simulations, then we are the team for you.

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