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Opportunities at Improbable

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Improbable is growing at speed in London, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. We’re always interested in hearing from exceptional people with a variety of experience and different backgrounds. If you don’t see an immediate match, start a conversation with us at the bottom of this page!

Business Development

The Business Development team at Improbable is fundamental to our continued success. Our aim is to build relationships with all the relevant content producers in the games industry.

5 opportunities


Engineering is at the heart of Improbable. We believe that it takes exceptional people to distill complex problems into simple solutions.

21 opportunities

Grad and Intern

Our graduate and intern programs are designed to create a holistic base of knowledge about Improbable, our technology and our people.

2 opportunities


Marketing and Content lets the world know about the possibilities of Improbable’s new technology, through words, video, art and social media.

4 opportunities

Office of the COO

The office of the Chief Operating Officer oversees ongoing business operations inside Improbable, working under our COO, Peter Lipka.

3 opportunities


Our Legal team coordinate with Divisions across Improbable to tackle our legal needs and challenges. Investments, partnerships, game development contracts, employment law, patent, EULAs, NDAs - you name it, our legal team deals with it.

1 opportunity


On the Finance team we handle budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and analysis, giving the business the information it needs to make smart financial decisions. With a company built on virtual worlds, experts in virtual currencies are most welcome.

1 opportunity


People Operations sits at the heart of Improbable and makes building our technology possible. We are the architects of the Improbable buzz, and care deeply about bringing together brilliant people to build things that matter.

6 opportunities


The Recruiting team works on attracting and hiring exceptional people from across the globe. We’re proud of our detail-oriented approach, using novel methods to acquire our incredible workforce. Our early investment in a strong Recruiting team has continued through every stage of the company’s growth.

7 opportunities


The Design Team works to create elegant solutions for teams around the company and develop our burgeoning brands.

2 opportunities

Product Management

Improbable's Product Managers oversee all our products’ life-cycles, from the road map to the final implementation.

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We’re always looking for exceptional people regardless of our current openings. Get in touch to discuss where you might fit in.