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Engineering is at the heart of Improbable. We believe that it takes exceptional people to distill complex problems into simple solutions. We are technology agnostic, seeking out the best tools to solve the challenges we face and willing to create tooling when none exists. We invest in those who invest in themselves; egoless self assessment and iterative improvement are at the core of every excellent engineer. If you share these values and want to tackle some of the industry's most difficult problems, we'd love to hear from you.

Building SpatialOS

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WebTools and WebDocs

Web teams at Improbable are responsible for building tooling for our customers to help them learn, discover and administer their SpatialOS projects.

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Fabric builds the kernel of SpatialOS, solving problems like large-scale load-balancing, message distribution, data persistence, and distributed transactions.

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Worker Integration Team

Engineers in WIT develop and maintain the SDKs that developers use to interact with SpatialOS and build the logic powering their simulations.

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Infra provides a secure, scalable, self-service simulation platform built on cloud-agnostic compute, complete with monitoring, alerting, and authentication.

Building the Business

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Information Technology

The IT team is building the infrastructure of Improbable as a business, providing security and stability as our company expands.

Building With SpatialOS

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The Enterprise Division builds bespoke simulations for the world’s most influential organisations, tackling the world’s hardest problems.


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