Mobile Engineer / 移动端方向工程师

Mobile Engineer / 移动端方向工程师

  • Shanghai
  • Engineering

Our Purpose

Improbable believes in a future where new, virtual worlds will augment human experience and become as meaningful, lasting and rich as the physical world. We call this the Multiversal Self and believe games are the basis of the future virtual worlds. 

Developers face a variety of risks in game development – from game design to production speed to launch scale. With SpatialOS, we aim to offer the next generation game development technology that helps reduce those risks and enables innovation that is vital to the future of games.

We believe China is leading the world in gaming, and that the next generation of game worlds will be developed by the prosperous Chinese Game Development Community. We are looking for talented individuals to join our Shanghai Office, our core hub and headquarters for APAC Operations. 

Your Mission


您的任务是协助开发和交付适用于安卓和IOS 移动端的SpatialOS GDK。

我们致力于确保客户能使用SpatialOS 开发新一代手游,因此我们在上海设立了一个专业的移动端开发团队,希望为市场带来一个高性能的移动端集成方案和最佳开发体验。我们正在努力寻找有安卓或IOS平台产品经验的技术工程人才,了解当前手游开发者所面对的技术挑战并提供革新性解决方案。


移动端团队负责保证SpatialOS 的GDK 与所支持的安卓或IOS版本兼容,并解决可能产生的技术问题,如:性能、库兼容性、Unity和虚幻引擎集成等。移动端团队的目标是为游戏开发者提供一流的开发体验,支持如5G等新兴的移动端技术应用。

Your mission is to help develop and deliver our SpatialOS GDKs for Android and IOS Mobile platforms. 

We are focused on ensuring our customers can create the next generation of mobile games with SpatialOS. To that end, we are building a team at our Shanghai location with expertise in mobile development to provide a performant mobile integration and the best possible developer experience. We’re seeking talented engineers who’ve shipped products on Android and IOS platforms and understand the technical challenges faced by game developers. 

As an Engineer in the Mobile Team at Improbable, you’ll be responsible for designing, building and deploying the tools our customers use to develop their next generation mobile games. This includes example applications and best practices to help our customers accelerate their development process. 

The Mobile team guarantees SpatialOS GDKs are compatible with supported versions of Android and IOS and addresses any technical issues such as: performance, library compatibility, Unreal and Unity Engine integration. The Mobile team aims to provide best-in-class developer experiences and support of emerging mobile technologies like 5G.

Responsibilities /岗位职责

  • 为安卓和IOS系统开发虚幻引擎和Unity引擎的GDK并提供技术支持
  • 为安卓和IOS 系统所使用的SpatialOS GDK 创建应用示例
  • 设计、开发并执行自动化脚本,将新的软件项目集成至当前的CI/CD 工具中
  • 在各种移动端硬件上测试、评估新功能
  • 与全球开发团队合作,根据市场需求识别出并实现各项新功能
  • 设计和实施用于安卓或IOS的SpatialOS GDK 的产品开发流程

  • Develop and support Unreal and Unity SDKs for Android and IOS
  • Create example applications using these SpatialOS GDKs for Android and IOS
  • Design, develop and execute automation scripts, integrate new software project into current CI/CD 
  • tools.
  • Perform evaluation of new features on mobile devices
  • Coordinate with global development teams to identify and provide features based on market requirements
  • Design and implement workflows for successful product development using SpatialOS GDKs for Android and IOS

Competencies / 任职要求

  • 有安卓或IOS 的产品上线经验
  • 对Unity 和虚幻引擎有了解
  • C/C++, JAVA, Objective-C, Android NDK相关开发经验C/C++, Android NDK 和/或 Objective-C/C++ 经验

  • 了解跨平台API/SDK设计,打包和支持
  • 技术编程水平优秀,能使用各种不同的编程语言和工具

  • Experience shipping product for Android or IOS
  • Knowledge and understanding of Unity or Unreal
  • C/C++, Android NDK and/or Objective-C/C++Knowledge of API/SDK Design, Packaging, and Support
  • Strong technical programming skills utilizing a variety of different coding languages and tools

Experience of the following would be advantageous / 优先考虑

  • 有构建CI/CD工具 (如Jenkins/BuiltKite)经验
  • 有手游开发经验
  • 有移动网络编程和调试经验
  • 有中国市场移动端软件发行经验
  • 有使用WeTest或TestFlight等平台测试移动解决方案的经验

  • Experience with build CI/CD tools such as Jenkins/BuildKite
  • Experience with Game Development for Mobile
  • Experience with Mobile Network programming and debugging
  • Experience with distribution of mobile applications in China market
  • Experience of testing mobile solutions using platforms like WeTest or TestFlight
Equal Opportunity
The best ideas are often the least expected and require new ways of thinking; that’s why our teams at Improbable are made up of an incredible range of talented people. Improbable is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, colour, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.