Director of Research Partnerships, Defence

Director of Research Partnerships, Defence

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We believe in the power of scientific simulations coupled with cutting-edge gaming technology to transform decision making and planning in highly uncertain, rapidly evolving, complex environments. In the National Security and Defence sector, a unique opportunity exists to impact high stakes real-world outcomes by enabling decision makers to explore, interact and experiment with rich simulations of interconnected real world systems – what we refer to as single synthetic environments. Our goal is to enable the large scale adoption of single synthetic environments by governments and international institutions, to promote a collective path towards a shared, more accurate understanding of the world.

Improbable Defence develops a software platform that enables the creation of these single synthetic environments, aiming to capture for the first time the multi-domain complexity that is pervasive in modern military operations, and to provide a full simulation-supported workflow; from understanding a scenario, to planning an operation, rehearsing and training.

Single synthetic environments give decision makers a constantly improving picture on how to best prepare for crises and threats. Improbable’s platform offers new capabilities to the defence industry with a library of models, enabling defence developers to reuse and repurpose existing models and build new models of the real world in a fast, efficient and iterative way.

Your Mission

is to build lasting ties with academic and industrial research in a range of fields, and firmly embed our work in the broader modelling and simulation community. We need to assimilate inputs from leading experts not only on the technical aspects of building synthetic environments, but also in how we deploy them in our clients organisation to transform their decision making processes.

As our network of research partnerships grow, you will now establish a permanent consultative board to bring structure and clarity to how we interface with the research world. This group will combine expertise from technical and organisational domains, breaking barriers between disciplines that are normally siloed, to cover the full breadth of our mission. It will have a direct influence on our product strategy, our market narrative and our own internal research activities, acting as a thought leadership hub at the division level.

Areas for Impact

  • Your first efforts will be to devise the strategy to develop a permanent consultative board. We will seek to cover two main areas; scientific foundations (statistical methods, social sciences, ML/AI, data management, distributed systems) and decision making/governance (risk assessment, insights, behavioural science, strategy).
  • You will define the scope, objectives and processes to recruit & integrate this new function in the rest of the organisation.
  • You will leverage a deep understanding of our mission, business strategy and existing relationships to identify opportunities for collaborations with key research institutions.
  • You will play a key role in understanding the scientific challenges we, our partners and our customers face.
  • You will advise on our strategic direction, ensuring we are building the appropriate capabilities internally.
  • You will champion scientific rigour in all that we do and build.
  • You will represent Improbable in the academic community, helping foster a reputation for scientific excellence within the broader modelling & simulation community.
  • Ultimately, you will play a central role in operationalising the transfer of scientific knowledge from academia to decision makers in high stakes scenarios, from military planning to preparedness and national resilience

We'd like to hear from you if you identify with the following:

  • 15+ years experience in a leading research environment.

  • 5+ years in a research leadership or coordination role.
  • Experience managing scientific relationships and collaborations such as a large research institution or university.
  • Demonstrable passion for relevant scientific topics, and a natural  ability to interface effectively with both academia and commercial stakeholders.
  • PhD in a relevant technical field or equivalent practical experience
  • Knowledge of our customer and partner domain (defence) would be highly advantageous
While we think the above experience could be important, we’re keen to hear from people that believe they have valuable experience to bring to the role. If you identify with the team and mission, but not all of our requirements, then please still apply!!