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SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

17 March 2020

We are delighted to announce SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

Continuous Integration at Improbable

6 March 2020

A team’s journey to effect a company-wide set of changes to make continuous integration (CI) not just better but great.

Why did we rebuild the SpatialOS Runtime?

16 July 2019

The SpatialOS Runtime mediates an online game’s various servers, clients and engine instances. Earlier this year, we rebuilt it completely.

Metric monitoring architecture at Improbable using Thanos

26 April 2019

At Improbable, we developed the widely-used, open source metrics project Thanos to enable reliable monitoring at a global scale. Here’s how we use it ourselves.

SpatialOS is coming to mobile

16 March 2019

The SpatialOS Games Development Kit (GDK) for Unity is now in pre-alpha for mobile game experimentation.

Godot, SpatialOS and engine integration

15 March 2019

If you’ve ever wanted to integrate SpatialOS with an engine other than Unity or Unreal, then our developer Charlie Micou has an experimental Godot integration and can tel

Introducing KCP: a new low-latency, secure network stack

15 February 2019

Introducing support for KCP, an additional UDP-based network stack, in the SpatialOS 13.6 release. KCP provides a low-latency, secure network connection designed specifically for unreliable network conditions.

How SpatialOS works with game engines

15 January 2019

We explain how SpatialOS works and how developers use game engines with it.

Ask the Unity expert: choosing between the ECS and MonoBehaviours workflows.

12 November 2018

Ollie Balaam, QA Engineer at Improbable, compares the ECS and MonoBehaviours workflows in the context of the SpatialOS Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unity and what they can do for your game.

How to quickly build a 200-person FPS with Unity and SpatialOS

7 November 2018

Quickly building a scalable multiplayer FPS game with the SpatialOS Game Development Kit for Unity

Ask the Unity expert: what is the ECS?

24 September 2018

The SpatialOS Game Development Kit for Unity is built on Unity’s Entity Component System, in this post we explain what ECS is and what it can do for your SpatialOS game.