Improbable news and blog

SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

17 March 2020

We are delighted to announce SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

Improbable China Update - Welcome to 思礴

1 June 2020

We’re very happy that SpatialOS has launched for developers in China, with an update on our strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud

Improbable welcomes Aaron Kornblum as new General Counsel

21 April 2020

We’re delighted to welcome Aaron Kornblum as our new General Counsel

Our Gender Pay Gap Information, 2019 and 2020

5 April 2020

In the interests of transparency and best practice, and our commitment to diversity, we are sharing our gender pay gap and other relevant information for 2019 & 2020

Improbable - Responding to the coronavirus

20 March 2020

Improbable is taking active measures to ensure the safety of its people and the good running of its services during the period of uncertainty relating to coronavirus.

Improbable games update

4 March 2020

Since Improbable will not be able to attend GDC in March due to its postponement, this is an update on our games tech and game studios.

Welcoming Dan Odell, our new CFO

21 February 2020

Dan Odell has joined Improbable as Chief Financial Officer

Improbable announces acquisition of German managed hosting company zeuz

5 February 2020

zeuz, a managed hosting service used by the makers of hit online games SCUM and Conan Exiles, joins Improbable’s leading-edge suite of multiplayer services for developers

Improbable expands existing partnership with Google Cloud

21 November 2019

Google Cloud supports Improbable and the SpatialOS multiplayer platform.

Announcing our partnership in China with Tencent Cloud

4 November 2019

Improbable is partnering with Tencent Cloud to help bring the next generation of multiplayer game development and launching a new Developer Program for the Chinese market

TED: Herman Narula talks virtual worlds and the future of gaming.

8 October 2019

In April of this year, our CEO Herman Narula was asked to present a TED talk, discussing virtual worlds and the transformative power of video games.