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SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

17 March 2020

We are delighted to announce SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

Bold Conjectures on: Doing away with global game managers in Cartel

15 February 2017

Cartel is a ground-up city-building simulation game being built on SpatialOS by developer Bold Conjectures.

Krillbite on: Making an MMO in seven days using SpatialOS

3 February 2017

Krillbite Studio explores building an MMO in just seven days on SpatialOS, during the Norwegian Gameplay Championship.

Spilt Milk on: Managing data effectively with SpatialOS in Lazarus

30 January 2017

Spilt Milk Studios are currently working with Improbable’s SpatialOS to create Lazarus, a top-down multiplayer shooter set in a universe that can be developed, built up a

Bold Conjectures on: The benefits of porting a UNET game to SpatialOS

16 December 2016

Zach Caceres from indie developer team Bold Conjectures takes us through what the benefits of porting a game from Unity’s UNET platform to SpatialOS were for him.

Spilt Milk on: faking AI in SpatialOS

9 December 2016

Andrew Smith, founder of Spilt Milk, takes us through how the game’s AI is coming together, possibly of its own accord…

Spilt Milk on: Taking your game on the road.

28 November 2016

Spilt Milk Studios CEO Andrew Smith takes us through the joys, anxieties and wifi-related panics of taking Lazarus on the road, to Indiecade Paris.

Spilt Milk on: Redesigning Asteroids for SpatialOS

9 November 2016

Andrew Smith, founder of Spilt Milk, answers some questions about Lazarus and redesigning asteroids for SpatialOS

Spilt Milk on: Introducing Lazarus

28 October 2016

Andrew Smith, founder, of Spilt Milk, answers some questions about Lazarus and developing on SpatialOS

Stories from Worlds Adrift

28 October 2016

These are the real stories of our Improbable engineers' first experiences of Worlds Adrift, as told by the players themselves.

Improbable on: setting up our AP3X demo

7 July 2016

Gabriel Gambetta, Improbable Tech Lead/Manager of the SpatialOS Community Team, explores setting up our AP3X demo.