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SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

17 March 2020

We are delighted to announce SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

Improbable on: setting up our AP3X demo

7 July 2016

Gabriel Gambetta, Improbable Tech Lead/Manager of the SpatialOS Community Team, explores setting up our AP3X demo.

Unity and SpatialOS and Spiders

26 June 2016

One of our programmers used Unity and SpatialOS to prototype an online multiplayer game where adventurers fight spiders for control of the world.

WorldApps and Deadly Toxic Waste

18 May 2016

A note from the Toxic Justice Squad team in the trenches at the Nordic Game Jam!

Forsaken Legends by Holy Fire Games

11 May 2016

Battle monsters that level up, mate, hunt, wander, and are truly alive within the world.

Open source at Improbable- FlagZ and Polyglot

9 May 2016

Improbable has open-sourced two projects developed in house and used extensively on a daily basis: FlagZ and Polyglot.

Open source at Improbable

7 May 2016

In this post, we want to go into a little detail about some of the projects we love, and some of the changes we’ve contributed to those projects.

Prepare for entropy

26 April 2016

Game logic to protect you from total destruction.

Nordic Game Jam 10th Anniversary Recap

20 April 2016

Our experiences during the game jam. TL;DR: It was a ton of fun!

What we found when we simulated the backbone of the entire Internet on SpatialOS

24 March 2016

Exploring how SpatialOS can be used to build a realistic simulation of the internet in order to identify weak spots, and figure out how to protect it.

Is the OASIS just Science Fiction?

17 March 2016

Could SpatialOS enable the OASIS from the novel Ready Player One, not only as a simulation of a realistic, living world, but as a playground where any user’s dreams can come to life?