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SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

17 March 2020

We are delighted to announce SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.1

Improbable Graduate Game Jam 2017

27 October 2017

Alastair Glennie started as an intern at Improbable, before being recruited as an Engineer. Here he recaps a recent event for new graduate hires that he helped to run.

The SpatialOS integration with Unreal Engine is now in Open Beta

25 October 2017

Improbable announces that our Unreal Engine SDK has reached another milestone – Open Beta. That means that our engineers consider the Unreal integration with SpatialOS stable.

Improbable announces that the SpatialOS Unreal Engine integration is now in Open Beta

17 October 2017

Improbable’s Unreal SDK Open Beta is available today for Windows-based development.

Opinion: Improbable’s new virtual worlds will need new social boundaries to thrive.

10 October 2017

Richard J. Dent asks: what are the right social boundaries for massive online social worlds and what are the appropriate rules?

SpatialOS version 12.0 is here!

4 October 2017

Improbable releases SpatialOS update 12.0, bringing both general changes and new features to our game engine SDKs, let’s take a quick look at a few of the key areas.

Automaton raises $10m and announces groundbreaking game project built on Improbable’s SpatialOS

19 September 2017

Automaton and Improbable partner to bring SpatialOS technology to new multiplayer survival game following $10m investment from Cambridge Ventures.

Automaton Games to develop survival MMO with SpatialOS

19 September 2017

Improbable is excited to welcome Automaton Games onto our SpatialOS platform, alongside the news that they will be developing a revolutionary massively multiplayer survival game with our tech and CryEngine.

Herman Narula to discuss the transformation of online gaming at TechCrunch Disrupt

15 September 2017

Improbable CEO and cofounder Herman Narula will be on stage at Disrupt San Francisco on Monday 18th September

Imagining believable game cities and urban simulations with a little help from SpatialOS

14 September 2017

Konstantinos Dimopoulos argues that huge, complex and persistent simulations mean that truly-immersive urban environments are just around the corner.

SpatialOS version 11.1.0 is available now

22 August 2017

Improbable is pleased to announce the release of SpatialOS version 11.1.0. This is available now for immediate use with Unity and Unreal.